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Music Production

I just finished another month at Full Sail (though I do have one more class tomorrow). My Music Production and Arranging class was a blast. We learned more music theory, instrumentation theory and how to deconstruct other people’s music. 

Over the course of the month, I’ve completed a total of 5 songs (still working on a couple that I have started) and learned how to create different styles of music. You guys can look forward to more music from me in the near future but for now take a listen and feel free to ask questions about my music. (I appreciate comments, criticism, and I like explaining what I was doing in each song) 


I will have another cover coming out tomorrow called “Want You Gone” by Jonathan Coulton, you might recognize it as the song at the end of Portal 2. Go check out Coulton’s music here (he’s a great songwriter) or you can download all of portal 2’s music here (its free)

and as always ENJOY!

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